Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Once you have created a profile, you can populate it with your gaming preferences, the collection you already own and personal data. Afterwards you can research which games are people trading or sharing or post a request for an specific game. In addition, you can create an even in your area, invite friends, and share it to social media. You can also connect with other players so you can discuss the games you both want to play. You can see each other’s profile information to see if you are a good match.

What kind of information do I need to provide?

You can provide us with your email, your location and your preferred genres as well as games you like most.

I do not think anyone in my area uses this app?

Game Radar has had almost 40,000 downloads in the first year of its launch. While there are some areas that still have a limited user base, usually when this happens it is because the users in your area are not actively posting events or LFPs. We do not show any other information about you to other users, so without direct activity an area can look quiet. We suggest posting an event/lfp, starting a group or letting your local store know that you are using the app to help increase the usage in your area.

Why can’t I host an event someplace other than a game store?

Starting in release 3.0, groups have this feature available. Individual access will be coming in a later release.

I found a bug in the app. What should I do?

Bugs are frustrating and we want to stamp them out. If you find a bug or a problem in the app, please give us a detailed description of how to make it happen, what smartphone you’re using, and which OS version at support@iamGame and we’ll try and crush it.

How much does Game Radar cost?

Game Radar is FREE to use for players, groups and stores. We do use advertisements to offset costs but attempt to do this with minimal personal data shared or used. We may offer a way to disable ads for in return for a subscription fee in the future.

I don’t see my local store listed in here. Why?

We tried to pre-enter as many game stores as we could find into our store database from the get, but we’re sure we might have missed some. Either let us know about the store at stores@iamGame or have your local store contact us directly at that address. You can also use this email if a store listed is no longer in business or has moved.

Why does the app need Bluetooth access for friends?

Continuing with our effort to request as little information from you as possible, our contact sharing uses local Bluetooth beacon when you click to Add a contact to locate other contacts nearby without sending your location to our servers. If you are not actively scanning for a contact, Bluetooth is not being used by the Game Radar app.

Is there functionality for gaming groups and clubs?

Yes. Starting in 3.0 there is full functionality to support Groups and Clubs.

I am a store owner, and I want access to add events for my store and fill out my store information, what do I do?

Go to our store portal and register for a FREE account - Our staff will have you verify your ownership and provide you free access to our Store Portal. From here you will be able to manage your store listing, store hours, events, reply to messages from users and other features.

What does BGM, RPG, CCG and WAR mean?

These are used to denote the four major genres of the tabletop gaming community. These should help you to more quickly identify with the types of events and players that you are interested in finding in the app: BGM – Board Games (i.e. Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, etc.) RPG – Role Playing (i.e. Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, etc.) CCG – Collectible Card Games (i.e. Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, etc.) WAR – Wargaming/Miniatures (i.e. Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Gaslands, etc.)

Will this app be translated into language X?

We will be offering translations in the future. Languages will be based on user demand and ability to get translations in that language into the app. If you have a specific request or would like to test one of our translations for us, please contact us directly at

How do I report harassment in the app?

We take harassment very seriously. Currently, you should email and give us as much information as possible, and we’ll investigate and take care of it. Very soon, we’ll be implementing the ability to block and report users directly in the app.

I have an idea for a new feature. What should I do?

We love feedback from our community. If you have an idea for a new feature or how to change a current one, or just want to let us know what you think of the app, send us an email at and we’ll take a look.

Can I see who has RSVP’d to my event?

You can if you are running a group event. RSVPs for everyone will be coming soon. Currently the benefit to marking an event as “I’m Going!” is that you get a visual reminder that you’re planning to attend it, and it’ll show up in your list of Events in your “My Profile” section. Soon hosts will be able to see RSVP lists and users will be able to see their friends that are attending events near them.

I’m going to visit a different area for awhile. How do I look at events and stores near that area?

If you have Location Services turned on for Game Radar on your smartphone, you should automatically see events in that area when you get there. However, if you want to plan ahead, you can go to ‘Settings & Preferences’ in the menu and set the postal code or city name of the area you’ll be traveling to so you can see events and stores in the area before you go.

How can I share the app with others?

On iOS you can select “Share” in the main menu and then share the link to our website (which has links to both the iOS and Android versions) via text, email, and other messenger platforms. On Android, go to your “My Profile” page and select “Invite Players Via Social Media” in the upper right menu. And as always, you could just tell them about and they’ll be able to find the links to the two app stores there. We have also added the ability to share a specific event, club or store directly from the app. Use the menu on those detail pages and click on "Share". This will take other users of the app directly to that section or will allow them to choose to download the app.

Who’s making this app, anyway?

We're an awesome group of developers, Anuska Sampedro, Tomas Polan, and Tomas Samuelis, and we’re a small web development and design team in Prague, Czech Republic. We build web apps for a living for clients, but we’re tabletop gamers, too. This is a project we’ve been developing and researching on the side since late 2019, and we hope you like it.